Grace Presbyterian Church

2255 SE 38th Street
Ocala, Florida 34480-8893

office (352) 629-1537
fax (352) 629-3383


Grace Presbyterian Church (GPC) strives to expand people's vision of the Great Commission through the efforts and implementation of the Missions Committee. GPC defines missions as any ministry aimed outside or within the Continental United States whose purpose is to fulfill the great commission by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipling, church planting, church development, and the equipping of Christian leadership. GPC recognizes the importance of meeting physical needs while carrying on any of these ministries, in accordance with Christ's great command.

Missionary Family
Rick & Betty Aschmann
Donald & Claire-Lise Cobb
Robert & Debbie Hale
     Wycliffe Bible Translators
Dan & Virginia
Marcus & Niffer
Satoshi & Cally Kawachi
     Quebec City, Canada
Dhan & Dolly Lalsee
     Zimbabwe, Africa
Jean Legters
Amjad & Sarah Mahand
     London, England
Ken & Tammie Matlack
Albert & Judy Nunez
     Bolivia, Chile, Peru
K. V. Paul & Annie Pallai
     North India
Joel & Stephanie Swanson
House of Hopel
Josh & Erin Verdonck
Papua, New Guinea
Melinda Wallace
National/Regional Outreach

Chaplain John & Betsy Casto
     Full Pardon Prison Min.,
     Asheville, NC
Don & Nancy Lee
     Chaplain Ministries
     MNA, Atlanta, GA
Gideons International
Tim Carper
     RUF, UF, Gainesville, FL
Howard & Dee Shelden
     Wycliffe, Dallas, TX
Toby & Linda Sorrels
     International Friendship, Inc.
     Gainesville, FL
Dony & Sharon St. Germain
     MNA, El Shaddai,
     Miami, FL
Joey & Connie Stewart
     Ref. Youth Ministries
     Cookeville, TN
Women’s Pregnancy Center
     Ocala, FL